May 13, 2020    

How a mint became catmint

Researchers discover the evolutionary origins of the cat attractant nepetalactone (Science Advances, May 2020) more »

May 4, 2020     

Foraging Drosophila flies are open for new microbial partners  

Their openness to associate with previously unknown yeasts could be a crucial factor for the emergence of new Drosophila species (OIKOS, May 2020) more »

April 20, 2020

Spores, please!

Gypsy moth larvae love poplar leaves infected by fungi (Ecology Letters, April 2020) more »

March 2, 2020

Whether horseradish flea beetles can deter predators depends on their food plant and their life stage

Larvae of these leaf beetles deploy plant defense compounds to fend off predators, whereas their pupae cannot (Functional Ecology, February 2020)
more »