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1Carqueijeiro, I., De Bernonville, T. D., Lanoue, A., Dang, T.-T., Teijaro, C., Paetz, C., Billet, K., Mosquera, A., Oudin, A., Besseau, S., Papon, N., Glevarec, G., Atehortua, L., Clastre, M., Giglioli-Guivarch, N., Schneider, B., St. Pierre, B., Andrade, R., O'Connor, S., Courdavault, V. (in press). A BAHD acyltransferase catalyzing 19-O-acetylation of tabersonine derivatives in roots of Catharanthus roseus enables combinatorial synthesis of monoterpene indole alkaloids. The Plant Journal. [NMR249] MPG.PuRE