Former Research Groups

Max Planck Research Group Insect Symbiosis

The independent Max Planck Research Group is studying the evolutionary and chemical ecology of symbioses between insects and actinomycete bacteria.Group leader: Dr. Martin Kaltenpoth
New address: University of Mainz, Institute of Evolutionary Ecology

VW Research Group Experimental Ecology and Evolution

Research of the group funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (VW) focuses on the ecology and evolution of individuals that interact on different levels of selection. Main emphasis lies on the conflicts of interest that arise from these interactions as well as potential routes to resolve them. Group leader: Dr. Christian Kost
New address: Osnabrück University, Institute of Ecology

Research Group Shoot-Root Communication

The overarching question of the root research group is how plants use their roots in defense against herbivores.Group leader: Dr. Matthias Erb
New address: University of Bern, Institute of Plant Sciences

DFG Emmy Noether Research Group Microbial Chemical Ecology,

We aim to understand the chemical basis of interactions between microorganisms, and between microorganisms and other organisms. Group leader: Dr. Dieter Spiteller
New address: University of Konstanz, Chemical Ecology